Each Secret show offers a different combination of SIS Players (shown below) and may feature surprise guest improvisors.  Secret Improv Players not only have years of live performance experience, they are also professional improv coaches and corporate trainers.

The Secret Players

Joël Micucci


Joël, here with an audience member playing his arms, is founder and Artistic Director of Secret Improv Society.

Toni Mazzuca & Chet Anderson


Toni tries to figure out what Chet is up to.

Kristian Ruggieri & Judy Aseo


Judy and Kristian perform an interpretive dance. 

Jason Leal & Basel Al Nafouri


Jason and Basel share a laugh. 

Wynne Hegarty & Goose Duarte


Wynne and Goose. like most of the others, have been with Secret from the very beginning.

Secret Improv Society

Secret Improv players are serious about comedy.

Secret Improv Players take comedy seriously.